Technical Support

Outlook Express - Version 5, 5.5, 6 Email Configuration

While in Outlook Express program, do the following:

  1. Click Tools > Accounts.
  2. Click the Mail tab at the top.
  3. Remove any other accounts that you see here that you don't use.
    Click on Add > Mail.
  4. Enter your "display name" - this is that name that appears on all of your outgoing e-mail, click Next.
  5. Enter your DMCIBB e-mail address (, click Next.
  6. At the top, you should see the following:
    1. My incoming mail server is a POP3 server.
    2. Enter the following server information.
    3. Incoming mail (POP3):
    4. Outgoing mail (SMTP):
  7. For your Internet Mail Logon, you'll need the following settings:
    1. Account Name: (Use your full e-mail address)
    2. Password: ********
    3. A checkmark in "remember password" is okay, however, no other box should be checked; click Next.
  8. Click "Finish".
  9. You should now be on the Mail tab portion of the Internet Accounts window. With your DMCIBB mail account highlighted, click Properties.
  10. Click the Servers tab at the top of the window.
  11. In the Outgoing Mail Server section of the page, place a checkmark in the box to the left of "My Server Requires Authentication".
  12. Click the "Settings" button to the right of the "My server requires authentication".
  13. Under "Logon Information", make sure "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" is selected.
  14. Click OK > Apply > OK > Close.
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